Thursday, 10 September 2009

Tampara Bay-Orissa's Goa

( has a nice report on the tourism potentials of Tampara bay near Silk City Berhampur)
BERHAMPUR: Orissa of late is in the news for mega investments- mining , alumina, steel, power and other allied sectors. But can the state create a tourism paradise of international standards, ask experts. YES! It can!! Orissa today has a goldmine, which can be converted into a Tourism SEZ. About 200 meter away from National Highway No.5 near Chhatrapur of Ganjam district lies Tampara Bay-a lake 7 kilometers length and 2 kilometer wide running parallel to the Coast of North of Gopalpur Port. In between lies 4000 acres of wastelands which was surveyed by the Design Consulting Wing of PGA (The Old Church, Neath Road Bristol B 55 9 AB- United Kingdom) This exercise was carried out in December, 2006. This large chunk of land surrounded by Tampara Bay, Rushikulya River and Bay of Bengal was recognized as one of the best sites in the world for promoting a world class tourist destination. With hotels, SPAs, golf courses ( 3 to 4 courses), first homes, holiday homes, apartments, condominiums and associated developments, Tampara can be an enormous tourism project with phenomenal rewards, revealed the PGA survey. Above all there will be no displacements. An ideal eco and employment friendly project will go a long way to attract huge investments, said an expert. The airstrip at Rangeilunda (930 meter) can be developed further on PPP basis. With excellent rail and road connections, Tampara can turn out to be one of the best destinations of the Coromondel Coast. Facility for hover craft at Tampara will be an added attraction for the tourists. Thrill of arrival!!! It is high time for Orissa to make an attempt to attract investments which will be win-win situation – every which way you look at it.

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