Tuesday, 13 April 2010

‘Ghosts’ grab BPL rice in Gajapati district

Virtually a blind rule is on in the Gajapati district. Though it sounds unbelievable it is true that ghosts even avail BPL rice here. Many of the schemes run for the development of the poor are carried out on pen and paper and the money is rampantly siphoned off.
Such a glaring incident has come to light in Gosani block of the district. Though the real poor people are not getting rice, it is being distributed in the name of the people who are dead. In the Macchamara panchayat’s Rajpur village out of the 304 families, 228 have been included in the BPL, 35 in Antodaya and three families have been included in the Annapurna schemes. Rice is being supplied by the Government and is being distributed. But it is only on the pen and paper.
Rice is being lifted in the names of the families who have already left the village long back and also those who have died long back. But the people who are having cards and living in the village are deprived of getting rice. Janaki Panda and Brundaban Nayak who were included in the BPL list have died long time back. Similarly, Chaitanya Pradhan has left the village with his family and staying elsewhere. K Sanyasi, who is included in the Antodaya scheme had died five years back.
Source: The Pioneer

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