Monday, 31 March 2014

South Odisha Cultural Research Centre mooted

Berhampur University has started the process for establishment of ‘South Odisha Cultural Research Centre’ on its campus. It was declared during a two-day seminar on tribal culture of south Odisha organised at the university, which concluded on Sunday evening.
It would be a multidisciplinary centre but would be managed by the post-graduate department of Odia of the University.

Speaking to The Hindu, Debiprasanna Patnaik of Odia department who is playing a key role in the establishment of this centre, said it would promote interdisciplinary studies on the culture of people of the region. There would be research in the fields of anthropology, history, linguistics, psychology and socio-cultural studies of ethnic groups, especially tribal people living in south Odisha.
The centre would utilise the items of historical and cultural importance collected from different parts of south Odisha during past three decades. All these would be part of the museum of the ‘South Odisha Cultural Research Centre’ of Berhampur University. It would help in preservation, documentation and exhibition of these items for the scholars as well as general public.
Attending the inaugural session of the seminar, Berhampur University Vice-Chancellor Deepak Kumar Behera stressed the need of interdisciplinary research on tribal culture of south Odisha. Berhampur University is the only university in south Odisha. Source: The Hindu

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