Friday, 4 December 2009

64 yrs on, kin pays tribute to freedom fighter Laxman Nayak

Sixty four years after he was hanged to death by the British administration, a family member of freedom fighter Laxman Nayak was finally able to visit his memorial inside the historic Berhampur circle jail and pay floral tributes. Rukuna, 72-year-old daughter-in-law of Laxman Nayak, made a maiden visit to Berhampur circle jail to have a glimpse of the place, where the legendary tribal freedom fighter was imprisoned and hanged on November 22, 1943.
Rukuna, the last member of the martyr’s family in Malkanagiri district, came from her native place near Mathili in Berhmapur and broke down when she garlanded the statue outside the prison and photos inside his cell, which has been turned into a memorial by the Odisha State Government.
“I have performed a great job by visiting this place. Let his soul remain in peace,” said Rukuna who was just eight-year-old when Nayak was hanged. State Government allowed Rukuna following a request by her to visit the jail at least once in her life as his last successor. Her late husband had also made similar efforts, but could not succeed due to several reasons, she said.
Nayak had led a tribal movement in Koraput district (South Orissa) in 1943 against the British regime. He had been kept in the Berhampur circle jail before being hanged to death.
Source:The Hindu

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