Monday, 28 December 2009

Houseboat service started for Chilika tourists

BERHAMPUR: With tourist season beginning to hit the peak, Chilika has thrown open its houseboat service to provide the ethereal experience of the lagoon in all its glory to the visitors. The first of its kind facility in the State will enable tourists to spend the day and the night right on the waters, enjoying all the luxuries of a star hotel. The houseboat inaugurated by State Tourism Minister Debi Prasad Mishra would be stationed at Barkul. It has two airconditioned suites and would be available for visitors at a price of Rs 5,500 per suite per day. The charges include a free two-hour cruise per day. The houseboat would take the guests into the lake and anchor at places of their choice. The guests would be offered food of star hotel quality on extra charges.
The houseboat service has been designed on the lines of Kerala, where it is common on the vast stretches of backwaters.The facility would be immensely popular as it would provide the visitors to enjoy beauty of the lake in all its forms, said Mishra.The Minister said that houseboats would be gradually introduced at other hotspots of the lagoon like Satpada, the house of the dolphins and Rambha.
Source: NewIndPress

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  1. The much publicized House Boat is now defunct. It is seldom used by common people. We need boats like those in Dal lake or in Kerala.