Monday, 11 February 2013

Historic Jaugada rock edict relics near Berhampur city wallow in govt. apathy

The special Ashoka Rock Edict at Jaugada of Ganjam District in Odisha 
At a time the state government busy conducting the International Buddhism conference in Udayagiri, a famous spot in Ganjam district is lying neglected.
The Asokan rock edict at Jaugada near Purushottampur, around 35 km from here, which dates back to 260 BC, has the emperor's directive to Mauryan officers inscribed on it, including the famous declaration "all men are my children".
Photograph of the hillside with
 the rock-cut Asoka inscriptions at Jaugada, Ganjam District,
 taken by Joseph David Beglar in 1874-76.
The rock edicts also contain the famous Asokan doctrine that "conquest through love is greater than conquest by sword". The inscription is in Prakrit and the script is written in Bramhi, historians said. The inscription is engraved on three different tables on the vertical face of a rock in an old fort, near the bank of river Rushikulya.
"Though it is an important monument from the historical perspective, the spot is in a very sorry state because of lack of attention of the authorities. The alphabets are almost defaced and nearing oblivion," said Shishir Kumar Panda, a retired history professor of Berhampur University. He added that while some portions have been disfigured, other things have been smuggled out. Source: ToI 

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