Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tampara lake to be developed as major eco-tourism destination

  • Rs. 40 crore will be spent under master plan, says official 
  • Tourism department and district administration planning to hold summer cultural festival
  • There will be a floating restaurant and house boats under the master plan, says official

Tampara lake, a large water body near Chatrapur in Ganjam district, will be developed as a major eco-tourism destination of Odisha through a mega tourism project. Natural beauty of this water body adjacent to the Bay of Bengal as well as its water sports potential would be tapped for the purpose. Ganjam District Culture and Tourism Officer Krushna Chandra Nishank said around Rs. 40 crore would be spent to develop this tourist destination. According to him, first phase work on this project had already started with sanction of Rs.1.1 crore. Mr Nishank said funds for development of Tampara lake as a major tourist destination would be available through projects of destination tourism, silk route tourism, Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project etc. He said there would be no dearth of funds for it. Development of this eco-tourism destination would also add to the livelihood prospects of fishermen families living in the area. These plans provide hope that the scenic and tranquil Tampara would soon bustle with tourists. Tourism department and district administration are also planning to hold a summer cultural festival at this destination. Tampara lake is around 5.8 km long and 670 metre wide. For the past few years this water body is being used for water sports and boating.
As part of the development plans facilities like parking, public conveniences, eco-parks, jetties, tents and cottages will be added up as infrastructure to this spot of natural beauty. The master plan of the project would also have scope for floating restaurant and house boats, said Mr Nishank. Apart from the large water body Tampara area also includes a virgin beach, lush green forest. This can be easily used as natural trekking zone for tourists. According to officials sources, tourists still do reach out to Tampara but their number is low. During past few years average tourist flow to Tampara was over 25,000 per year. It is hoped that once it is developed under the new project it will attract at least one lakh nature loving tourists every year.
Source: The Hindu


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