Wednesday, 14 August 2013


The Berhampur University (BU) has decided to conduct a series of memorial lectures in the days ahead in memory of great luminaries and sons of southern Odisha, who have had immense contributions in different fields and disciplines such as education, art and culture, freedom struggle and language and literature for an overall growth and development of this region.

The decision was taken by the University Syndicate at its meeting held on Monday under the chairmanship of Vice-Chancellor Prof Deepak Behera. This was the first syndicate meeting after Prof Behera took over as the Vice-Chancellor. On the other hand, tension prevailed in the university campus on Monday after the removal of a poster by some miscreants which was displayed by a student group welcoming freshers to the campus. A similar incident had also taken place on Friday night when a welcome poster for new entrants fixed another student group was removed by some miscreants, reportedly the rival group, for which a complaint has been lodged at the Bhanja Vihar police outpost.
On Sunday night, a Linguistics student, Bhavanikanta Sahu, had pated the poster on the wall which was burnt by some miscreants of rival group giving rise to tension in the campus. While some faculty members cite the forthcoming students’ union elections as the reason for such mischief so as to remain in limelight, another group of faculty members and staff including local intellectuals, however, feel that some elements who were close to the previous administrative regime are trying to destabilise the current administration to settle scores for their vested interests.

According to sources, bills worth lakhs of rupees spent under different heads such as repair and renovation, construction and purchases for university auditorium, guesthouse and VC’s quarter, etc., during the previous regime without following standard accounts procedure are being pushed to the present regime for post-facto approval but are reportedly being disapproved. There is a public perception that such accounts should be checked through AG audit. Source: The Pioneer 

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