Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ganjam Bar Association to intensify stir for permanent High Court bench in South Odisha at Berhampur

Members of Ganjam Bar Association took out a bike rally in Berhampur as part of their plan to intensify their continuing stir for the demand of establishment of a permanent bench of Odisha High Court for South Odisha in Berhampur city.
All senior lawyers of the bar association, including its past office bearers led this bike rally. The bike rally started from the Berhampur court premises and traveled around the city to re-strengthen public support for the demand for establishment of High Court bench. President of the Ganjam Bar Association Kapileswar Patnaik said this rally was aimed at increasing public awareness regarding this genuine demand.
The lawyers of the Ganjam Bar Association claimed that Berhampur, as per the norms put forward by Jaswant Singh Commission report regarding establishment of High Court benches, was the most suitable place for a permanent bench of Odisha High Court. “As per the Yashwant Singh Commission report a permanent bench of the High Court should be established in revenue divisional headquarters and Berhampur and Sambalpur are divisional headquarters. Moreover Berhampur has all infrastructural facilities for proper functioning of a bench of the High Court,” said senior lawyers of the Bar Association.
President of Ganjam Bar Association came down sharply on this mushrooming demand for establishment of demand for High Court bench from different places of south Odisha. “I feel the sudden mushrooming of such demands from different places may be a conspiracy to weaken the issue of establishment of High Court benches in different revenue divisions of the State,” Mr. Patnaik said.

As per the Ganjam Bar Association, their demand for establishment of permanent bench of Odisha High Court in Berhampur had started in 1985 and their demand was older than that of Sambalpur Bar Association of western Odisha. Although during past decades there were no such demands for establishment of High Court benches in any other part of south Odisha, all of a sudden such demands have started to crop up, which makes us smell something fishy, said Mr Patnaik. Source: The Hindu 

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